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1. Briefly tell us about yourself and your music. Also, tell us why you want to be featured in Deitra Magazine!
Our band met while in high school. We all went to a performing Arts High school called Orange County School of the Arts, in Santa Ana California. Matt and Matisse wanted to form a band, so they found Nick, Cole and Hayden at school either playing in the breezeway or talking in class about music. We had our first rehearsal in Matisse's garage and it just clicked. The band Undecided Future was born. It's been over 6 years now that we've been together as a band. Six years is a long time to be in a band and we would love to tell a little bit about our journey to where we are now. We met in 8th/9th grade, and now we are 19-21 years old now. Cole and Hayden are the younger of the band, Nick is the oldest.
2. What inspires you to perform music? What do you love most about it?
We all have a passion for music, and always have. We all want to become famous and make money performing, a lot of money! We love writing, being together and developing songs, music, compositions and ourselves as a group. We want to be exciting on stage and have fun, and make people have fun and dance to our music.
3. What is the inspiration behind your style or genre of music? How would you describe or classify your sound?
We started out as a SKA band. There's a song on our first EP called Rich Kids. That is a classic Ska song that we actually had a following for in high school. Lotos of skankers out there coming to all of our shows mostly to hear that song. It's a fun story bout a good looking rich kid taking a girl away from a guy who only had a bus pass.  We had a lot of fun with SKA, but decided that we would have more fans if we wrote Pop music, so we switched gears and wrote and performed Pop covers and originals. Now I would say that we are Pop-Funk with some Hip Hop and R&B influences. We like to play current music and be relevant to the young adults our age.
4. Who writes the songs and what are they generally about? Do you have a favorite song of yours?
Nick and Mat have written the majority of the songs. Cole has written a few and Hayden and Matisse add lyrics to polish what was written or write their own rap verses.
5. What is your favorite era of music to listen to?
Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Aquabats, Jimi Hendrix, Anderson Paak, Jamirouque, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Justin Timberlake, The Eagles, Beach Boys, Maroon 5, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, there are just so many old and new that we draw inspiration from.
6. What is your musical background?
Matt's dad was a lead singer in a band and Matt learned to be give a fun performance, Matisse's dad is a professional drummer, so Matisse was born a drummer, Nick learned and played classical piano in 3rd grade, Cole and Hayden started playing guitar in 3rd grade and were in the Guitar Department in middle and high school learning Classical, Jazz, Flamenco and Rock. So we all have different musical backgrounds, but together we have a unique sound and vibe that people seem to vibe to. 
7. What do you love most about performing or recording music?
We usually have all of our songs and ideas ready to go when we get to a recording studio. But we are perfectionists, especially Nick. We all hear things that we want to make better, so as long as we have time in the studio, we will work until it gets done, and everyone is happy. We rarely leave anything unfinished or in a way that someone doesn't like their part. We try to get it right. Being in the recording studio means that we've worked really hard to write a bunch of songs that we're all proud of and ready to record for radio.
8. Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?
We love to write lyrics about our own passions, stories and girlfriends, but we usually have a funny for fun story to tell. We're not super serious in writing or on stage, but we can write a serious song and perform seriously if we need to, haha.

9. What do your fans love most about your music, and what has helped you gain popularity in the independent music scene?
Our fans come out to our show knowing that they are going to smile, laugh, dance and have a lot of fun. We can do some pretty crazy things on stage like when Cole, our guitarist switches places with Matisse our drummer and Matisse goes crazy singing and dancing to one of the verses in a song we cover. The crowd loves seeing Matisse in the front because he's probably the craziest of our group and people love a little danger during our set! We also go wireless and Cole, Hayden and Matt will go and sing out in the audience. People love dancing with them as they play!
10. What's your claim to fame?
Our claim to fame is just being us! Being who we are as individuals, but our second claim to fame is when we son Best.Cover.Ever. with Jason Derulo. We had to cover 3 of his songs in our Undecided Future style and he picked out of 1,000's of submission who would win. We won and now we have a video with Jason Derulo that has over 7 million views. The edited version of just our song is in this link:
Our full story with Jason and how our Bass player got testicular cancer and was out of the video, but Jason knew and said hello to him while he was getting chemo in the hospital.
This is the full episode with our full story:
11. What's it like performing on stage? 
We have worked with Usher's Artist Development Team for over a year now, so we now have a fun, funky, stage performance with us dancing, singing and having a lot of fun on stage which is contagious to our audiences.

12. Tell us your inspiration behind the visual aspect and fashion component of your stage performances and/or artist branding.
We are working more and more on branding and stage performances. We mix it up and not take ourselves too seriously. We typically work with industry professionals so that our photos, mastering, mixing, and everything we do is the best quality we can get. We also work with friends from art school who help us out with videos, photography and things we want to produce.
13. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
Well, our future is kind of undecided...haha, not really just a joke, but we have deiced that our future in the music industry is in fact DECIDED! We are all committed to get this band off the ground. We are friends, brothers, and everything to each other. We've spent a lot of nights on each others couches and floors over the past 6 years. We have a long way to go, but we have some of the best in the industry behind us blowing wind in our sails to keep moving us forward. It's just a matter of time, and then that lucky record label is going to put us on their roster. 
14. What is your advice to other local and independent artists around the world hoping to make their careers through music?
We think evolving as an artist is what it is all about. Never get stale, never stand still, keep doing what you're doing and love every minute of it. Otherwise it's not worth doing it.


Genre: Pop

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